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Q1: One big concern from RVers when it comes to flexible solar panels is the overheating. Under what conditions does this issue pop out?

A: Under normal conditions, according to Law of Conservation of Energy, as long as a panel turns the majority of sunlight into energy, it will not overheat. Only when the panels are churned out with out-of-date technology, will the energy production effect be impeded, resulting in overheating somewhere down the road.


Q2: What if the RV parks under trees when the panel is therefore partly blotted out by leaves and branches?

A: When the panel is shadowed, it will reduce the energy output, but no overheating will be caused. If the surface of the panel is locally covered consecutively and contiguously, for example, bird droppings or falling leaves on the panel for a period of time, then this part of the panel is prone to be short-circuited.

Please be sure to clean your solar panel on a regular basis. Shawllar applies a whole piece of copper foil into the panel to make the heat dissipate faster when using.  


Q3: What cause the peeling and yellowing of flexible solar panels?

A:This is mainly due to the raw material of which the back side of the panel is made of. Shawllar uses the KPK (double-sided fluorine-containing) liner on the back side of the panel. Other manufacturers might be using the polyethylene, which is a just a normal plastic.

The POE fluorine film material used on the front side has the characteristics of high light transmission, high weather resistance, high surface strength and easy cleaning, and is the preferred material for the front of flexible modules. Regular flexible modules will not go peeling or yellowing!


Q4: What are the advantages of Shawllar Flexible solar panel?

  1. Lightweight. Our 100W flexible panel is by far the lightest - only 1.4KG - on the market. It will not add as much weight to the vehicle roof as rigid panels hence will not increase fuel consumption and will remove the possibility of tipping over.
  2. KPK Back Panel. Only use high quality fluorine-containing materials from the top two listed companies. Less tendency of yellowing and peeling.
  3. Self-cleaning. Each cell of the 100W flexible has a bulging surface - like lens - which helps to drain the water when it rains. As for the dust harboured on the surface, it suffices to wash it away with a high-pressure washing sprayer.
  4. Fast Heat dissipation via a whole piece of copper foil.
  5. The power generation efficiency per square meter is higher than the average level of the industry.   

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