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Have you ever imagined an UFO-capsule-style campervan? Let’s check out the geodesic Dreadnort POD from Auckland.

Futuristic motorboat manufacturer Dreadnort Boats from Auckland designed and produced this origami-style multi-sided portable POD. According to the blueprint of Dreadnort Boats, this multipurpose sleeping cabin is inspired by UFO and will be equipped with windows of various sizes and configurations, including a crossover caravan-teardrop camping trailer.


According the company management, “In 2011 our company conducted a case study on a multi-purpose tsunami survival shelter which turned out to double as a boat and a caravan.” 

"But because of the design of our doors and large windows, our POD in its current form cannot withstand the force of a tsunami.

An off-grid solar system can be installed on the vehicle at the same time to provide more power for travel.


Dreadnort Boats say the PODs are built in a factory in West Auckland from 5mm marine grade aluminium and 6mm toughened safety glass windows.

The prototype POD measures 5.1m x 2.5m x 2.5m and weighs around 1000kg, and comes with 'lifting lugs' so it can be dropped into a remote area by aircraft if required.


A rendering of the POD camper design shows a compact but functional internal layout including a club style lounge/dinette that converts to a bed, a kitchenette and internal ensuite. Other designs on the drawing board include larger 7m x 3.1m and 9m x 4.5m versions, boasting feature-packed floorplans.

Dreadnort has also come up with a design for a floating two-storey houseboat version dubbed the Meteor which measures 11.95m long by 5m wide.

According to Dreadnort Boats, the Portable POD could also be used as a portable office, a 'sleepout', food stall, humanitarian/disaster relief shelter, and possibly an inter-planetary rover!


A Dreadnort POD prototype made an appearance at last year's Tiny House Expo in Auckland, with cashed-up buyers now being given the opportunity to order one from the New Zealand boat manufacturer.

"We build to order (and the) price depends on layout and fit-out," the company said on social media. "The prototype as finished is currently priced at $98k NZD."


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