Residential Photovoltaic Solar Panels
These houses use photovoltaic panels to collect renewable solar energy, thereby reducing their dependence on external electricity, allowing everyone to use independent and clean energy. Also it's a good investment for homeowners. Join Shawllar!
Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics
Solar photovoltaic panels can be used on a utility-scale with hundreds or thousands of panels to capture the sun's clean, free energy and replace traditional fuels to generate electricity. Shawllar can help you on your utility-scale solar projects.
Commercial & Industrial Solar Projects
Industrial and commercial roofs have always been the favor of the photovoltaic industry. It can not only reduce energy consumption but also bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. Shawllar have over 10 years experience on commercial and industrial
Recreational Vehicles Solar Projects
Shawllar is developing and producing a number of flexible solar panels to meet the needs of RV companies, and has supplied to many RV manufacturers and vehicle modification plants. We want all RV owners enjoy truly valuable solar travels all the time!