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Need Help On Motorhomes Importing From China?

Need help on motorhomes importing from China?

Shawllar Recommends the Best RV Motorhomes Supplier for You
Shawllar is an expert in the flexible solar system for RVs. We are very familiar with all kinds of motorhomes/towed trailers.
Shawllar has been exporting RV solar kits for many years, familiar with the most trusted freight forwarders in China.
Shawllar is a one-stop RV service provider. From choosing the best motorhome to choose the most suitable solar system, or deliver the RV with a complete solar system to your country,Shawllar will help you find the right person, save your time and cost, leave you no future worry, enjoy your RV travel after covid soon. 


Learn more about your options and the different types of RV's available? 

An RV is a special type of car that could be a mobile house with basic facilities necessary for home use. The RV has furniture and appliances such as bedding, refrigerator, cabinet air-conditioning, TV, audio, etc., which can be divided into driving area, living area, bedroom area, kitchen area, etc. It is a fashionable product that integrates clothing, food, housing and travel. Similar to the reduced version of the house, RVs can be roughly divided into two types: self-propelled and trailer-mounted. Self-propelled RVs can be divided into self-propelled type A, B, and C; trailer-mounted RVs can be divided into trailer type A Type, Type B, Type C, Type D, and mobile villas. At the same time, the RV is also equipped with many safety facilities, including LPG detectors, CO alarms, smoke alarms, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, seat belts, etc.

Self-propelled A-type motorhomes are the most luxurious and comfortable among motorhomes. They are mostly used for long-distance trips. In popular terms, they can be called coaches, 8~15 meters long.

Self-propelled B-type RV can meet the basic needs of life and entertainment. It is small and flexible. The interior furniture is mostly panel furniture. It is strong and suitable for short trips. It is also used for business negotiations and business receptions. Generally speaking, it is a van, generally 4~ 6 meters long.

Self-propelled type C motorhomes are located between A and B. They have complete facilities and a sliding cabin to expand the interior space. Generally, off-road motorhomes are of this type, usually 5-9 meters long.  

The towed A-type RV is a residential trailer. The traditional RV in the United States is of this type. Most of them are center-mounted axle trailers and are towed by a passenger car in front, usually 3-10 meters long.

The towed B-type RV is called a five-wheel trailer in the United States, and is called a sojourn semi-trailer in China. It is towed in the front by a tractor, such as a pickup. This type of RV has a characteristic that a step is formed above the towed cow. It is used to place beds, etc. to form a bedroom space, about 7-13 meters long. 
Both ends of the trailer-mounted C-type RV can be expanded to form a foldable tent RV, which shrinks and becomes smaller when moving, and expands when parked in the camp. The space can become very large. It is a seasonal RV, and usually it takes a long time to stop. It’s about 3-6m long.

Trailer type D RV is commonly known as humpback RV.

Type A and Type B of mobile villas are different in terms of dwell time and seasonality.

Regular Motorhomes importing from China

RV importing from China to Germany

Germany has many famous RV brands, if you are considering importing an RV from China to Germany, here is the regulation for your reference first: 
Importing a Car into Germany
For other questions, please leave us a message to help you clear all doubts. I hope you will find the RV you love the most.


Motorhomes importing from China to Australia

Self-propelled motorhomes are not allowed to be exported to Australia; only trailer-mounted motorhomes are allowed. We know many companies that specialize in exporting trailers to Australia, and they have agents in Australia. If you want to import an RV, please contact us to recommend it for you.

Motorhomes importing from China to USA

If you want to import an RV from China into the USA, please check the following rules regulated by US Customs and Border first:
Importing a Motor Vehicle
Our RV partners have many years of export experience which could help you a lot, and all are free.


Motorhomes importing from China to Canada

Do you want to save costs by importing an RV from China to Canada? Read this article first:;
If you are importing a car for the first time, there are many things to pay attention to. Please continue to read, the following Chinese RV car company brand ranking table, we can help you establish contact, everything is free.


Motorhomes importing from China to Japan

Ship car to Japan
Don’t know the cost & time examples for shipping an RV to Japan?
Don’t know what are the required documents for shipping a vehicle to Japan?
We will recommend you several professional motorhome freight forwarders to you.


Motorhomes importing from China to South Africa

Want a guide to importing your car into South Africa? Want to know the import permit, duty and tax?
What documents do you need?
Our trusted freight forwarding company will clarify all the details, costs, and time required for you according to your situation. Will remind you to prepare all the information. Will help you save money and avoid troubles.


RV Motorhomes importing from China to Mexico

Want to know Mexico RV and motorhome import permits? Want to install solar panels and controllers in your RV? Want to find out what costs are involved in importing an RV to Mexico? We are here to help! Tell us your needs now!

Guess you may be concerned about the following issues

1. How to find RV motorhome manufacturers in China?
2. What are the costs of those RVs?
3. Why buy an RV/towed trailer from China
4. Are there restrictions on RVs?
5. What are the materials of Chinese motorhomes made of?
6. Do Chinese RV and car companies provide logistics services?
7. What driver's license is needed to own a motorhome?
8. How much taxes and fees do I need to pay for importing an RV from China?
9. What are the advantages of each kind of RVs?
10. Does the RV manufacturer provide a warranty?
11. How to decide how long to buy an RV?
12. How to tow a trailer?
13. Buy a new motorhome or a second-hand one?
14. What’s RV return policy?

Here are the best Motorhomes Manufacturers in China, they will answer all your questions. importing Motorhomes from professional RV manufacturers in China, send request now!
AllRoad Caravan
Phone Number: +86 153 7670 9037
Email Address: [email protected]


Zhejiang Feishen Vehicle Co., Ltd

Phone Number: 400-867-7998

Guangdong Ecocampor Vehicle Co., Ltd

Phone Number: +8615015572152
Email Address: [email protected]


Deeson RV

Phone Number: +13906127687

Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd

Phone Number: +86-371-66718999
Email Address: [email protected]


Rongcheng Compaks New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd

Phone Number: +86 0631-7580099
Email Address: [email protected]


Qingdao Oriental Shimao Import And Export Co., Ltd

Phone Number: +86-18306483516
Email Address:


Foshan Kindle Imp&Exp Co., Ltd (same company as 3)

Phone Number: +86 13420780256
Email Address: [email protected]


Henan Wecare Industry Co., Ltd

Phone Number: +8618539937533
Email Address: [email protected]


Rongcheng Longhe Vehicle Co., Ltd

Phone Number: +86 631 751 8111
Email Address: [email protected]

It’s your first time to import from China? Don’t know the trade payment terms?

EXW: Ex-works (EXW) is an international trade term that all the transport costs would be covered by you, that means you will arrange a forwarder to pick up the goods from our warehouse. Or we can deliver the goods to your freight forwarder, and then you pay the freight.
FOB: It is Free on Board or Freight on Board, and its Chinese meaning is "delivery on board at the port of shipment (...designated port of shipment)". Using this term, we shall be responsible for handling export and customs clearance procedures, deliver the goods to the ship designated by you at the port of shipment specified in the contract and within the specified time limit, for example: Nanjing port, Shanghai port, Shenzhen port, bear all risks before the goods cross the ship’s rail at the port of shipment, and notify you in time.
CIF: It is "Cost Insurance and Freight", and its Chinese meaning is "Cost Plus Insurance and Freight". Using this term, the seller is responsible for chartering and booking space under normal conditions and paying the freight to the port of destination, loading the goods on the ship at the port of shipment and within the period of shipment stipulated in the contract, and is responsible for cargo transportation insurance and payment of insurance premiums.
DDP: Namely "Delivered Duty Paid" (named place of destination), delivery after tax. "Delivery after duty (designated destination)" means we completes import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination and delivers the goods that have not been unloaded on the delivery means of transport to the you to complete the delivery. We must bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the designated destination, including any "taxes and fees" that should be paid at the destination when customs formalities are required (including the responsibilities and risks of customs formalities, as well as the payment of handling fees, Duties, taxes and other fees). You bear the greatest responsibility under the EXW term, while we bear the greatest responsibility under the DDP term. Currently we can do DDP Germany, DDP USA, DDP Australia. For other countries, please find us to see if DDP is available.


Need Shawllar to arrange the shipping to your country? 

We have cooperated with many freight forwarders, and we will choose the most suitable freight forwarding company for you.
Professional Shipping Agent in China, From China to USA. Short Lead Time, Find Shawllar! 
Cheap Freight Forwarder China - Inexpensive, Safety, Timely, Find Shawllar! 
Find a Freight Forwarder in China - Freight Forwarder Services, Find Shawllar! 
Best Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker in China, Find Shawllar! 
Learn more about global shipping services from China and get a best-rate guarantee, Find Shawllar! 
Recently, the price of sea freight in Europe and the United States has increased a lot. We remind you to confirm the shipment in advance. 

How do I build a solar system on my RV motorhome?

You need:

Flexible solar panels

Key Features
* Small size and thin--Size 0.52m*1.07m*1.7mm
* Low center of gravity, high safety--Weight 1.4Kg
* High conversion efficiency--Up to 20.74%
* No yellowing and foaming--Fluorine-containing back plate
* Good heat dissipation--A whole piece of copper foil
* Waterproof --Junction box IP68 level
* Safe Delivery--Wooden Packing
Now our 100-Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel is very popular in USA, Australia, Germany with many good reviews, welcome to buy and test! 

You may be more concerned about:

How much is our flexible solar panel?

It depends on whether you use it yourself or you want to wholesale. The offer sheet will be sent to you upon your request!

How do we pack our flexible solar panel?

By wooden carton. No worry about damage during long transportation.
If you are a reseller, and you want a paper carton package to ship to your customers, we can order paper cartons and label your brand for you!


How do we transport our flexible solar panel?

For those countries which are far away from China, we will ship by sea.
But if you are from Southeast countries, like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, we have land transportation service. The shipping price is very cheap!


Solar charge controller

Our MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display Solar Panel Regulator are here for Your Choice! 

Key Features
* Compatible with various deep cycle batteries like sealed, gel, flooded, and lithium.
* Detect 12/24V DC system voltages automatically.
* High efficiency up to 98%.
* Support standard Modbus protocol
Other solar kits like solar cable and silicone glue are also available, Click Here AND Talk to US


Save Shawllar for other solar products!

Shawllar’s 100w/200w foldable portable solar panels for Jackery Explorer/ Flashfish/ BALDR/ BLUETTI/ ECOFLOW/ BALDR/ MARBERO/ Anker/ Goal Zero Portable Power Station Generator and USB Devices, Portable Solar Panel Charger with 3 USB Ports
If you need portable solar panel, please send us an inquiry now!

Others you might be interested to know:

Due to the European ban on plastics, the following single-use plastic products cannot be cleared from July 1, 2021:
Clean ear cotton swab
Fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks
Coffee spoon
Balloon stick
Packing box
Cups, cup lids
Plastic bag

Thank you for reading this. 

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