Power LiteX - Heavy Truck | 70-140W Shawllar Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

*Light, thin and flexible
*Designed specifically for RVs
*High reliability and efficiency
*TUV certification
*Lead free
*High heat dissipation
*Nondestructive installation
*It is allowed to be installed on trailers, boats, cabins, tents, cars

100W Flexible Solar Panel China 

This is a 100-watt monocrystalline flexible solar panel specially developed and manufactured for RVs. It adopts MWT back contact technology, which greatly improves the front light receiving area and power generation efficiency. At present, this kind of flexible panel is very hot in the United States, Australia, and Germany. We are so proud of it, and we hope that more RV enthusiasts can encounter it, buy it, love it, and recommend it.

If you want to install a solar system on your RV/Motorhome/Campervan/Caravan/Towable Trailer, you can order this flexible solar panel and other solar products directly from Shawllar for a better price! Don't worry about delivery, we will provide you the best shipping solution at the same time. 

If you have the size drawing of your RV rooftop and want to know how many pieces of panels are needed for powering your RV, please call us at +86 18061490370 or email to leave a message to Shawllar. Our sales engineer will come back to you within 24 hours. 

Watch this video, you will know how good are of our 100 w flexible solar panels 


The outstanding features you will love 

Small size and thin--Size 0.52m*1.07m*1.7mm, really save your rooftop space! 
Low center of gravity, high safety--Weight 1.4Kg, make your drive more safe! 
High conversion efficiency--Up to 20.74%, power your RV 
No yellowing and foaming--Fluorine-containing back plate 
Good heat dissipation--A whole piece of copper foil 
Waterproof--Junction box IP68 level 
Safe Delivery--Wooden Packing 

Check these parameters/datas 

Electrical performance 

Specification/Model    Unit                ASP100NH36S          
Maximum power    W 100
Power tolerance W +5
Optimum operating voltage V 20.12
Optimum operating current A 5.01
Open circuit voltage V 24.45
Short circuit current A 5.31
Module efficiency % 20.74
STC:AM=1.5, Irradiance 1000W/㎡,Module temperature 25℃. 

                 I-V curves under different irradiances                                                                                    I-V curves under different operating temperatures 

Temperature coefficient

Nominal module operating temperature 43±2℃                                                                       
Power temperature coefficient -0.36%/℃
Voltage temperature coefficient -0.28%/℃
Current temperature coefficient -0.06%/℃

Mechanical behavior

Module actual size (L *W) 990mm*491mm
Module assembly size (L *W *H) 1070mm*520mm*1.7mm(excluding junction box)
Module weight 1.4kg
Back material Backplane (white) 
Module cell  36 (3*12)/monocrystalline-PERC/162.75mm 
Encapsulating materials EVA/POE
Frame Frameless 
Protection grade of junction box IP68
Cable specification (length/sectional area) 90mm/4m㎡
Connector MC4 compatible


Specifications            Number of modules per wooden carton Number of modules per pallet
Pieces 12 12

Operating conditions

Maximum system voltage DC1000V (IEC)                                 
Maximum fuse current rating 15A 
Operating temperature range -40℃~+85℃
Bending radius ≥0.20m

Difference for rigid panel, common flexible panel, and Azuresolar flexible panel? 

Aspects  Detail                          Rigid panel                                      Common flexible panel          Azuresolar flexible panel       
Installation Method Punch, install railingS Silicone structural adhesive Silicone structural adhesive
Pros and Cons Increase in weight, wind resistance, and fuel consumption Firm and easy to install Firm and easy to install
Exterior Ordinary Beautiful Very beautiful
Weight Heavy Light Super light
Efficiency **** *** *****
Height limit risk Yes No No
Change in center of gravity The center of gravity shifts up very obviously The center of gravity shifts a little obviously The center of gravity shifts not obviously


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