Why flexible modules are the choice of future ?

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Flexible Modules,  RV’s Choice of Future
The return of flexible modules
The PV module market for RV has gone through the process of moving from rigid to flexible and back to rigid panels. The general trend of the RV market is to develop towards light weight and low center of gravity, but the reputation of flexible panels has been damaged due to the emergence of many indiscriminate and shoddy products in the early market competition.
In the early days of thin-film modules, they accounted for about 30% of the market share in the 1980s by virtue of their cost advantage, but because they have been unable to break through the efficiency bottleneck, coupled with the significant reduction in the price of crystalline silicon after the formation of scale advantages, the share of thin-film modules has been gradually squeezed. Low efficiency and high cost became the direct factors for the elimination of thin film modules.

At the same time, flexible modules have high technical requirements, complex processes, and small market applications. Initially, there were almost no large factories to do so, and some module manufacturers, seeing the rapid rise of the RV market, used older rigidboard manual production lines to make flexible modules, which failed to meet the technical and technological requirements of flexible modules and had no quality assurance at all. There are also many small factories of flexible solar panel back sheet materials do not strictly use qualified fluorine materials, so after sunlight exposure, very easy to yellow, or even peel, a fatal blow to the reputation of flexible modules.
With the continuous breakthrough and innovation iteration of flexible module technology, MWT back contact technology, as the new generation of back contact technology after IBC, is a more suitable production technology for flexible modules. The full name of MWT technology is Metal Wrap Throughis a technical route to obtain high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-cost, more attractive and eco-friendly PV modules by preparing both positive and negative electrodes on the back side of the cell (positive and negative electrodes on the back side).
As a major photovoltaic factory, Shawllar Energy, MWT technology as the core, the back sheet using fluorine-containing materials, discarding the outdated techniques of the old factory, using the European 4.0 fully automated industrial production line, the production of quality and reliable technology advanced flexible module. MWT technology line module global sales between 200MW to 300MW, but also the only one in the past five years and Toyota has done vehicle photovoltaic cycle test VIPV ROUND-ROBIN TEST, the product of automotive photovoltaic research, in the commercial and industrial photovoltaic power plant project reached the first global sales of flexible modules.

The inevitable choice of light weight trend of RV

From the latest models released by SAIC DATONG, YUTONG RV, LONGCUI RV and other car companies in recent years, we can see that low center of gravity and light weight are the general trend of RV manufacturing. The impact of low center of gravity and weight on B-type and C-type caravans is especially obvious in terms of height and weight limit and mountain road driving, and the impact on caravans is especially significant in every aspect.
The RV itself has such strict requirements for weight, the demand for light weight RV accessories is urgent, in this major trend, how to choose between flexible and rigid panels, we can make some simple comparisons.

Rigid modules are heavy, weighing 70Kg per 1000W, and due to the addition of rails, resulting in increased wind resistance and unstable center of gravity, especially when driving through corners and more affected by side winds, affecting the vehicle's maneuverability and stability.
The flexible module is light in weight and thin in thickness, only 14Kg per 1000W, and it is installed close to the roof, which greatly reduces the impact on the center of gravity and does not bring additional wind resistance, and the flexible module can be installed on the curved roof, which is suitable for a variety of RV models and increases the installation capacity.
Not only that, from the consumer's point of view, for some models, every 50Kg increase in the car, driving 1000Km will increase the fuel consumption by about 2L extra, plus skeleton installation, wind resistance significantly increased, every 1000Km driving at a speed of 80Km / h, will also increase the fuel consumption by about 2L, standing in the long-term vision of the user, the rigid module is also far less cost-effective than the flexible module.

From the aspects of the above comparison, we can easily see that the advantages of flexible modules are very obvious, while bringing the convenience of electricity, safety and cost performance is also much higher than the rigid modules, rigid panels are already being eliminated from the RV market. In recent years, with the mainstream photovoltaic manufacturing majors optimistic about flexible photovoltaic modules track, a series of good reputation, light weight, high efficiency flexible modules with strong technology support, overcome the traditional photovoltaic panels unstable center of gravity, strong wind resistance, fuel consumption of technical barriers, is gradually becoming the choice of many RV manufacturers. Flexible modules perfectly meet the future RV light and heavy design concept, but only qualified flexible modules are the choice of the future.
Professional manufacturing, comfortable experience
So what kind of module is considered a qualified flexible module?
A good photovoltaic system should meet the following 6 conditions: the product quality is qualified, the fluorine-containing back sheet is used and the standard is not false; it has been strictly tested and obtained one of the three major certifications of CQC, TUV and CGC; it adopts light weight and ultra-thin Modules; high efficiency, smaller area for the same power, higher power for the same area; professional manufacturer, advanced technology, worry-free quality; after-sales warranty is guaranteed.
Shawllar Energy in the continuous market exploration and building, innovation and upgrading of technology, in line with market demand, now Shawllar Energy flexible solar panels have basically eliminated most of the RV enthusiasts choice concerns, to meet the needs of car enthusiasts with electricity, access to customers widely praised and the unanimous praise at home and abroad.
Shawllar Energy's flexible solar panels are one of the few in China that have passed the authoritative certification of TüV in Germany, and are produced by fully automated industry 4.0 equipment imported from Europe, with high product reliability, and can be sold in China, Europe, Australia and other regions. The product strictly adopts fluorine back sheet produced by the top two listed companies in PV industry, which has excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, high temperature resistance, high humidity resistance, salt spray resistance and other properties, and has long-term outdoor environment damage resistance. The junction box is also made of IP68 waterproof grade material, so there is no problem at all when immersed in water.

High quality and innovation has always been the technical pursuit of Shawllar Energy, Shawllar Energy 's flexible photovoltaic products have been successively obtained TüV certification, CE certification, FCC certification, RoHS certification and UKCA certification, high quality and pioneering technology has long been recognized and affirmed by the official, Shawllar Energy has proved its excellent quality to the world again and again!
Shawllar Energy not only has strict control on product quality, but also has more extreme pursuit on service system. Shawllar Energy 's flexible solar panels offer a 5-year product warranty and a 12-year linear power warranty, which guarantees that the product will still hold more than 80% of power generation efficiency after 12 years of sale. Shawllar Energy 's professional after-sales staff will respond to every customer's service needs within 24 hours, so that "everything has a response, everything has a solution" becomes the practical standard of Shawllar Energy.
Shawllar Energy adheres to the original intention, crafting good things, to "let the world have electricity at any time, anywhere" as the concept, focusing on research and development of outdoor power supply system, for RV enthusiasts to guard the dream of travel, for outdoor enthusiasts to open up the lifestyle, the constant pursuit of innovation, aggressive, only for the users a better experience!

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